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My Cambodia

Siem Reap


For a succulent steak, Nest.

For mouthwatering salmon, Abacus.

For refined Khmer, Sugar Palm.

For homestyle Khmer, Khmer Kitchen.

For American fare, Central Cafe.

For breakfast, Common Grounds Cafe.

For salad, Cafe de la Paix.

For fusion & honeycomb ice cream, Aha.

For croissants & pastries, Boulangerie.

For (gluten-free) dosas & South Indian, The Indian.


For happy hour, the FCC.

For the best signature cocktails, like the Lemongrass Collins, Miss Wong.

For mojitos and ambiance, Art Deli.

For wine & tapas, Picasso.

For rowdy nights (buckets & dancing on tables), Angkor What?.

For quiet conversation, Little Pari.

Phnom Penh


 For smoothies + organic fare, Naturae.

For gluten-free pasta, The Living Room.

For breakfast, The Shop.

For Mexican, Casa Lika.

For Japanese tapas (try the ribs!), Yumi.

For cupcakes (including a gluten-free cupcake!), Bloom.

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