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Meet Leigh

I am a pragmatic visionary. Frequently called, “the most pragmatic person in the room,” my career has been defined by my ability to bridge the divide between creative and practical.

I am a pusher. I always want to take things further. I’m inquisitive and will want to get inside your head. I’m in search of expansion, and you can’t do that without asking a few questions & pushing a few boundaries.

I have a knack for distillation. Of finding the thread that links seemingly scattered ideas. I’ll listen to you brainstorm or read your writing notes, a hodge-podge of jumbled ideas, in order to tell you what you’re really grappling with. The idea that you need to focus on. I make big ideas relatable.

I’m obsessively interested in personal & professional development, the creative process, connecting people, the next big idea, social business, and community.

I am a Co-Founder & Creative Director of Push Pull Cambodia, a social enterprise conceived from a simple loom, thread and a need, which creates hand-woven couture Ikat cotton fabric.

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