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Further Proof That The Impossible Is Often Possible

September 25, 2011

French street artist, JR, travels to conflict-ridden countries to take portraits of communities in order to show the world its true face. This year, JR received the TED Prize and gave a talk with his wish big enough to change the world.

The question he posed prior to naming his wish, “Can art change the world?” Through his canon of work, JR’s discovered that art informs our perceptions. “What we see changes who we are.” Art may not alter politics or the climate, but it transforms us.

If you are reading this via email or rss, then please click here in order to see the video of JR’s TED talk.

About one third of the way through his talk, he discusses a project everyone told him was impossible. His goal? To just keep pushing as long and as close to completion as he could. Turns out he was able to finish the project, which led to this observation, “we proved the impossible is possible.”

That’s my kind of guy. The impossible is often possible if we are willing to stay the course. 

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