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The Challenges I’m Living. Right Here. Right Now.

March 17, 2011

This week, I’m struggling. Struggling with anxiety, big decisions and lots of uncertainty. I’m sure you know what that feels like.

Here’s the thing: I don’t have the answers yet. No bite-sized morsels of what I’ve learned. Just a confession that I’m in the thick of it.

I love when other people are vulnerable enough to share their challenges, especially when they don’t have a final neatly wrapped package of wisdom. It reminds me that we all go through the highs and lows.

So here is what I’m struggling to know and learn and do presently:

♦ Spinning your wheels feels busy. Don’t confuse chaos and mania with productivity. Zoom out and look at what’s really going to help move things forward in a logical and sustainable way.

♦ You –ahem, I– can’t fight discomfort and anxiety; it’s part of the start-up and entrepreneurial processes. See if you can find ways to embrace it, ‘cause it ain’t going away.

Don’t wait for the perfectly ripe idea to appear in front of you. Try. Start. Do. It will uncover itself through the process of showing up.

I’m going to experience health scares living in a developing country. There are going to be days when your stomach just doesn’t feel right. Breathe through it. Be gentle with yourself. Keep going.

I want you to know that it’s not all glamour and celebrations here in my world. Oh no. Perhaps I haven’t been transparent enough. I want to fix that.

Start-ups and Entrepreneurship aren’t easy, but both are possible.

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