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Achieving Wellness in 2011: Step One

January 18, 2011

I haven’t been taking care of myself lately. I’ve been bloated and lethargic. Concentration and focus haven’t been easy. Sleep is better, but still not sound. Uh oh.

And, you know what? I know what the problem is. There’s no magic or mystery involved. No secret alchemy or mystic potions. Nope. Simple common sense proves to be the most sage of advisors.

Eat well. Move more. Do yoga.

Windmill Twist Pose by My Yoga Online

That’s all folks. In 2010, I found a wellness plan that works for me. Yoga not only brings mental clarity, but an increased appetite for good foods. A lingering desire to nourish myself emotionally, physically and spiritually. The holy trifecta.

Deceptively simple, except it requires commitment. Planning. Devotion. (Oh yeah, that pesky word again.)

And, I know me. I like to go from nothing to everything. This usually ends in feeling overwhelmed and giving up. Danger. Alert. Avoid.

So, I’m going to take a radical departure; I’m giving myself permission to ease into this wellness groove slow and steady. I’m making a commitment to be gentle with myself.

My goals for this first phase of moving towards nourishment + bliss:

Practice yoga once a week. More is better, but a bonus.

Be more mindful of what I eat. Notice the affects. File away possible gluten contaminations. Recognize foods that upset my sensitive constitution.

Eat more vegetables. How do I quantify more? At least 3 salads full of yummy veggies per week. Vegetable sides for meat and fish dishes.

Up my fruit intake. Fruit for breakfast 3 days a week. Either fruit salad with some protein or a fruit shake.

Host dinner parties + potlucks more, eat out less. I feel better when I’m eating fewer processed foods and preparing my own meals, but I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to socialize with friends.

And now for the hardest goal, lessen sugar + junk intake. Fewer gluten-free cookies. Subsittute dark chocolate for milk chocolate. Limit popcorn to twice a week. Say goodbye to bacon. Mocha lattes should be reserved for special occasions.

Now, I have a plan. Goals. Measurables.

But I’m a right now, instant gratification, immediate kind of girl. (Loops back into that all or nothing mentality.) When the health and wellness routine gets tough, I get going. But, I want to change my tune. Practice some new habits.

So, how do you coax yourself into changing for the better when it’s hard in the beginning? How do you make creating new habits fun? What do you to do keep overwhelm at bay?

And, what are you doing to take care of yourself? Today? This month? This year?

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