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Love Drop: Jill in Chicago

January 10, 2011

Last month the internet grapevine sent word of an exciting new project, Love Drop. I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for it to launch. As of 1.1.11, it’s up + running and preparing to drop it’s first big bundle of love on Jill in Chicago.

Love Drop is like Extreme Home Makeover, but conceived by a dynamic duo and powered by individuals. It’s a community of people who unite to help one person or family each month. You join the community by subscribing – which can cost as little as $1 a month or as much as you want.

Through the community forums, the love drop recipient shares his or her story. This month, Jill talks about homelessness. Jill and her three kids lost everything in a fire and are now homeless for a second time. Despite being humbled in so many ways, she’s dedicated to giving back. Now, it’s time for us to give a little something back to her.

At the end of the month, Nate & J$ travel will travel to Chicago and drop all that love – the money, the gifts, the services, the letters, everything! They’ll be filming it all and posting it on the website.

Like the idea? Here’s how you can help:

Join the community. Subscribe to Love Drop. For as little as $1 a month, you can change a life.

Join the blogger network. Blog about Love Drop once a month. Spread the word.

Give a gift. Jill and her family are getting back on their feet. Here are some things they need and want: clothes for Jill, her sons Joe (12) + Franco (10), and her daughter Jasmine (13); dressers; tv; sporting goods + football jerseys for the boys; dressing table and scrapbooking materials for Jasmine; bikes; rollerskates; or any good or service you can offer that’ll put a smile on their faces! [send an email to the Love Drop team.]


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