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Typical Day

March 9, 2010


Me: [reviewing orders and deadlines] The three weavers working on sarongs agree to submit their product on 20th April. Everyone else who is working on 4 meter bulk sections will finish their order on March 22nd.

Project Officer: So we must tell them to stop on March 22nd?

Me: We do not need to tell them to stop because you already confirmed this with the weavers the last time we were in Takeo. Remember when you went to each weavers house and asked them how much they could make by 22nd March?

Project Officer: Yes. They must stop on 22nd March.

Me: Correct.

An e-mail at 2:24 pm:

Project officer: I wish to make sure that Sina has to do another 4 meters, and then ask her to stop until you have a new pattern, and so does everyone else that weaves 4 meters by 22 April?

My response:  Sina weavers 4 meters than stops. She should return her materials to Sophea. Everyone else finishes their orders on March 22nd. (Remember our discussion this morning) After March 22nd, I would like to give everyone new orders. Does this make sense? If not, come see me.

Project Officer: Thanks for confirming, and I understand.

An e-mail at 5:06 pm:

Prject Officer: Soleang can do 24 meters by 22 April, and I have just updated it in the attached chart.

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! TWICE, twice!, today we discussed that this order would end on March 22nd. Twice we discussed and confirmed it. Twice we agreed that a new order would start after March 22nd. Then, right before the end of the day, I get another e-mail talking about how much can be woven by April-fricking-22nd.I’m at my breaking point. Someone is playing a joke on me. 

This is my mantra that I’ll keep repeating… grace under pressure, grace under pressure.

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