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My First Field Visit: Smach Village

January 12, 2010

Remember when I said that I spent the morning of New Years Eve in Smach Village? Well, it was my very first field visit. We brought the weaving managers from Takeo to Smach Village where we will be building a sewing center this spring. It was an awesome day.
(starting at the top left and going clockwise) The executive board of CFI and the Chief and Assistant Chief of Smach Village. Mr. Sophea, the master weaver, leading a demonstration. Young women and men who will be employed in the sewing center are told that we have secured enough money to start building. (The photo was taken on the land where construction will start in another month.) A close-up of the loom and an ikat in progress.

Mr. Sophea working the shuttle on the loom. Elizabeth and I in the village. Ms. Yeun and Mr. Mic showing how the cotton is stretched while preparing the loom to weave. Saloth, the operations director, talking about the importance of our work in the village and why the villagers have learned to trust CFI.

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