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Sunshine & Smiles In Siem Reap

December 13, 2009

The weekly highlights…

On Thursday- Conor (a co-worker) and I went to the FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) for happy hour. We enjoyed white sangria poolside for half-price. Delicious and beautiful.

-I celebrated my 27th birthday in high style. Elizabeth, Don & Loven took me out for dinner and drinks at Hotel de la Paix. De la Paix is beyond chic with amazing food and impeccable service. The evening was capped off with waiters singing “Happy Birthday” and delivering a chocolate cake to the table. We also celebrated the launch of Elizabeth’s e-commerce site for Wanderlust Cambodia.
-I arrived at the hotel a bit early and was able to catch the last showing of Elegy by John McDermott. McDermott is known as the “Ansel Adams of Angkor” and has been photographing the Angkor Wat temples for years. I seriously wanted to dive into his pictures.

-My very first bicycle ride into Siem Reap! I have a pink vintage bike here at the house and finally mustered the courage to ride it downtown. Parked it in front of Wanderlust, wandered through the Old Market and visited with Eliz.
-Spent the evening at Hotel de la Paix (again!) for the opening of Bloom, a new exhibit in the arts lounge. Bloom is a gorgeous installation of vivid floral paintings. There are two pieces in particular that I couldn’t stop staring at! Oh, if only I could be an art collector.
-A group of expats went to dinner and had a few drinks after the art opening. It’s nice to be meeting so many people here who are creative, energetic and welcoming.

Sunday (Today)
-I met Eliz today at the Golden Banana Boutique Hotel. We spent the late morning and afternoon poolside where I had the most delicious iced tea I’ve ever tasted. Seriously. It was incredible to just relax, chat and laugh while sitting in the sun beside a pool. Despite multiple sunscreen applications I did manage to get a bit pink in a few spots.
-I stopped to see Eliz’s house then we met a few folks at Miss Wong’s for a drink then dinner at a Burmese restaurant.
-Now it’s time to apply aloe to my sunburn, watch a dvd and collapse into bed in order to be ready to start a new week of work. Good night folks!

xo, Leigh

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  1. Mom permalink
    December 14, 2009 9:09 am

    Sounds like a lot of fun is being had, lol.

    Where’s all the work info, slow start? Glad you’re enjoying yourself.

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